Babcock – no day is ever quite the same

Babcock International Group runs an extensive outreach programme from Devonport Royal Dockyard, supported by its pool of 250 STEM Ambassadors.

The organization has developed unique, strong relationships with over 30 local schools, many of which have a high percentage of people premium students. Through these relationships, Babcock delivers long-term support for STEM in a fun, hands-on way, aiming to improve student confidence and increase the number of young people pursuing STEM careers. 

The outreach programme includes workshops, school visit, site visits, work experience programmes and support for teachers, helping them to teach STEM more effectively, along with careers talks and presentations on employability skills.

The programme is having a demonstrable impact, with the schools involved seeing a significant interest in STEM subjects and, in particular, an increase in the number of girls choosing to join extra-curricular STEM activities.

Luke’s journey

Luke chose a mechanical fitting apprenticeship as he had always had a deep interest in how things work, a fascination that progressed from tinkering with push bikes and skateboards, to his own car – and then friends’ cars.

His interest in mechanics runs in the family. Since a young age, Luke was fiddling with nuts and bolts in garages whilst helping his uncle, father or grandfather, who were all mechanics.

Currently, Luke is on his first placement in the yard, working on the weapon systems in Babcock’s ships. But it’s the variety of activities that ensures that no day is ever quite the same. As a mechanical fitter, he has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, including pipe work, engines, valves and pumps.

Luke’s apprenticeship has enabled him to develop on-the-job problem solving skills and he enjoys working as part of an enthusiastic team. He particularly enjoys the “hands-on” element of the role and values the fact that his apprenticeship is equipping him with the skills that will enable him to have a rewarding career.

“The biggest benefit to being an apprentice is being paid to learn what you enjoy doing. I would definitely recommend it. The yard is such a big place, so it’s quite daunting when you begin. But everyone – from the recruitment team through to apprentice managers – is really friendly and they help you settle in quickly.”