Our Founder

Leo Quinn, CEO, Balfour Beatty and Steering Group Chairman, The 5% Club

Leo Quinn founded The 5% Club in October 2013 to address poverty arising from high unemployment, especially among the young and a shortage of the right skills for the workplace of today and tomorrow.

The 5% Club was created so that employers – big and small, in every industry – would increase their ‘earn and learn’ training opportunities, raising people’s employable skills to ensure the UK has a society and economy which lifts its citizens out of poverty.

“New technologies are changing the world of work – many jobs will disappear and new skills will be required to earn a living. The 5% Club is a great way for employers both to share best practice and to raise awareness of “earn and learn” among the next generation, to make sure they can access the skills to thrive in this changing world.

“As employers we are best placed to know the capabilities we will need to recruit, going forward – to help make sure that the UK is strong and successful enough to fund a fair society for all.

“I’ve always believed that what gets measured gets done, so crucially,  members of The 5% Club declare both their intent and their progress in terms of apprentice and graduate programmes. Our members now consist of over 920 employer organisations. across all aspects of public and private sector and size: I hope your organisation will join us.”

Leo Quinn

Leo Quinn pioneered The 5% Club in 2013, this film shows how Balfour Beatty continues to see that in action within the business. View this film to see new energetic people at the beginning of their career journey within the Balfour Beatty business.