Heathrow Airport – the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy

Heathrow Airport Limited set up the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy in 2004 to support in delivering its promise of new jobs and Apprenticeships.  To do so, it brings together Heathrow, business partners, local employers and a range of service providers.

The Academy provides a range of bespoke services to help employers attract, retain and develop their colleagues. Its dedicated team of skilled recruiters, account managers, trainers, assessors and mentors aim to change lives and inspire everyone to grow, from entry-level candidates to experienced professionals.

Parveen’s journey

Parveen was running his own fast food business working long and unsociable hours. He was working hard and missing out on precious family time. Something had to give.

Parveen’s wife had secured a job through Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy so he went along. Parveen met with Antoinette who recommended him for a role at communications retail store, Sim Local.

Fast-forward twelve years and Parveen is still with Sim Local having successfully climbed the career ladder from role of Cashier to Operations Manager. During this time Sim Local has grown from having one store to owning multiple stores across the airport.

Having gone through the recruitment process himself, Parveen now uses the Recruitment, Apprenticeship and Development services of the Academy as he finds the calibre of candidates is consistently strong and they’re always well prepared. Over 50% of the Sim Local team are now studying at the Academy to help open up more opportunities.

Parveen continues to study at the Academy to continuously develop his skills and further his career and is starting Business Management Apprenticeship Level 5.

“My career journey has been exciting, challenging and at times difficult. But I’m a strong believer that if you want something you’ll find a way. I will continue to work with the Academy for as long as I’m working here in Heathrow Airport.”