Keepmoat Homes – working in the community

Keepmoat Homes is passionate about making long-term improvements to the communities it works in… The company’s goal is to minimise the impact its work has on local residents, while maximising social and economic benefits  that are generated through developing local employment and skills.

By working closely with schools, local representatives, community leaders and community groups, Keepmoat Homes ensures that it supports local priorities. Every Keepmoat project has a  dedicated Community Engagement and Investment Co-ordinator who develops relationships with local residents and supports the long-term sustainable ambitions of their community. Keepmoat’s goal is to leave a lasting legacy by ensuring that communities continue to flourish long after its developments are completed.  

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The Head teacher’s perspective

Parsons Cross in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, was hit with high levels of unemployment by the demise of the steel industry, with many families experiencing third generation household unemployment.

Through Keepmoat Homes’ strong relationship with Chaucer School in Parsons Cross, it was identified that there was a need to offer alternative educational and training opportunities to young people in the area. In partnership with the school, Keepmoat developed a ‘Construction Zone’ project that enabled young people to learn hands-on, vocational skills in a non-classroom based setting.

When the project was launched, students at risk of permanent exclusion were identified by the School and allocated places on the programme. Students spent half a day’s training in the Construction Zone and spent additional time engaging in wider activities offered by Keepmoat linked to the project.

These included site visits, ‘masterclasses’ from site staff, sub-contractors and suppliers, health and safety talks and motivational talks.

Through the Construction Zone project, Keepmoat Homes has promoted aspirations, provided positive role models, developed employability skills and supported work experience and employment opportunities for young people.

The School has seen remarkable improvements in its students. Their self-esteem, confidence, aspirations, attitude and life-chances have been greatly improved as a result of their engagement with this project.

Chaucer School’s Head teacher, Scott Burnside, said: “Our focus within school has been to develop resilience in our young people through motivation, relevant to life learning experiences. The partnership has taken this to a new level focusing upon our ‘harder to reach’ disengaged students and given them a focus for employability. By working with industry professionals who share knowledge and expertise we have developed learning environments on-site and off-site which deliver applied leaning coupled with employment intelligence and readiness for the world of work.”