New for 2021 – The 5% Club Master Class Series


2021 sees The Club developing focused, more intimate Master Classes to complement our traditional, free online events attended by 80 plus people. The intention is for these events to have a more detailed focused theme, with 20-30 members attending in a ‘round table’ format, featuring a high-profile speaker from the skills sector.

Attendees will be encouraged to bring problems and challenges, to exchange solutions and best practice and learn from each other. A high level of interaction and networking will be facilitated. Members from our larger corporate companies often cite isolation and operating in a silo limiting their knowledge base and practice. Our SME members are often people with multiple responsibilities and little or no niche knowledge of skills and apprenticeships.  Attendees will have the opportunity to drill down into much deepen detail and develop strategies for the future. Everyone will support and learn from each other, leaving the event with far more knowledge and solutions that they arrived with.

The first of these events will be scheduled for post Easter 2021 and will be held online. Further details will be advertised in spring 2021

We would like to thank The ERA Foundation for their generous support in making our inaugural Master Class possible.