The 5% Club – signatory to letter to the Prime Minister

In a letter, sent today to Prime Minister Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, and signed by The 5% Club, the Youth Employment Group is calling on the Government to adopt a Young Person’s Guarantee for England.

Over 794,000 young people are currently not in education, employment or training, a 23% rise over the last two years. This is a waste of young people’s potential and it’s bad for the economy and for living standards too.

Grounded in the principles of no young person left behind, a commitment to the long-term, and working together in national collaboration; the Guarantee lays out the success factors, key challenges and route to improving outcomes for young people across England.

If adopted by policymakers, young people under the age of 25 will receive support to access employment, training or education within four months of leaving employment or formal education.

View the Young Person’s Guarantee here