Careys pledge an increase to 30% of employees in ‘earn and learn’ over the next 5 years. 


Developing our people has always been important to Careys. We have over the years demonstrated this by supporting our people through chartership schemes such as ICE and RICS.   However, with a growing skills shortage in our industry and the country feeling the effects of COVID-19, we believe a more comprehensive strategy needs to be implemented to engage with early talent through ‘earn and learn’ opportunities.

We are excited as we begin to make headway in offering paid learning opportunities via apprenticeships across all areas of our business, in roles that cover trades, operations, and support services.  These opportunities allow us to begin the development of young people into long and rewarding careers with quality training and  on the job learning.

From 2021 we will launch our Talent Champion scheme where cohorts of our existing employees will be given guidance and training in mentoring, ensuring our early talent have the right support and coaching to gain confidence in their skills.

We support Leo Quinn’s efforts to provide more ‘earn and learn’ opportunities and believe that despite a global pandemic turning the world upside down, our young people should not pay the price.  Careys are therefore pleased to announce an increase in our pledge of 5% of our employees in earn and learn roles, to 30% over the next 5 years.   We are excited to embrace the apprenticeship agenda and play our role in supporting the UK’s younger population.

Maddy Donaghy, Early Talent and Apprenticeship Partner, says “this is an exciting step for Careys and one we are all 100% committed to.”

For more details of career opportunities at Careys please visit the company website