ComRes Graduate Programme

ComRes, a leading research consultancy in the fields of communications, public policy and reputation, runs an established graduate programme, employing new graduates each year over the past decade.

In Autumn 2017, the latest group of graduates were recruited, with four new people joining the team. In the recruitment process, applicants are sought who are interested in politics and public policy, who understand business, communicate well, and want to help our customers make a difference in the sectors that they operate in, as well as enjoying handling data and research.

ComRes offers a modular approach allowing graduates to work in all parts of the business over the first two years, which involves regular rotations across the sector research teams, as well as the commercial team. This allows each person to explore where their interests and abilities lie, while gaining a range of experience across the business.

“Being on the ComRes graduate programme has allowed me to take on lots of early responsibility while feeling totally supported in my work. Rotating between teams offers lots of scope for learning and development, and has given me the chance to try different sectors and ways of working before settling in a particular team.”
Phoebe Weller, current ComRes graduate


As the rotations take place, graduates also experience a complete and robust training programme to equip them with the skills they need to excel. This covers research methodologies, business development, project management, client management and subject matter expertise.

Graduates are also allocated a mentor to help them settle in and act as a more informal day-to-day support alongside their line manager.

“The most unique aspect of ComRes’ graduate scheme is the whole team’s focus on my personal and professional development. Alongside running training modules that teach me practical research skills, my managers also continuously make an active effort to assign tasks which are new to me, so that I am always learning and gaining more experience. The professional and personal support that I receive from my managers and mentor has also been truly excellent throughout my time here”.
Holly Captainino, current ComRes graduate

At the end of two years, ComRes’ hope and expectation is that all advance into a permanent role, specialising in a mutually agreed area of the business.

The head of our graduate programme, responsible for the content of the programme and recruitment, is a former graduate himself. Now an Associate Director, and head of the infrastructure sector team, this sets a great example of what is possible in terms of development and progression if you join ComRes as a graduate.

“ComRes’ graduate scheme is an essential way for us to recruit talented and intelligent people to meet our resourcing and skills needs. Our detailed training programme means that we can train new graduates from the ground up in the research and consultancy skills we need, and to the high standards we require. The graduate scheme offers applicants the opportunity to start working in research as well as a clear long-term career path, and we anticipate that all those on the scheme will go on to a permanent role here.”
James Rentoul, Associate Director, Head of ComRes Graduate Programme

Recruitment is currently underway for our 2018 intake.

Alongside our graduate scheme, we also operate a rolling internship programme, whereby we offer three-month roles to talented individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the areas of research, communication or public policy. We feel this is a mutually beneficial arrangement, providing ComRes with additional and flexible resource, while at the same time providing valuable experience to those during or soon after their education.