Membership of The 5% Club is flying high but well on track too

Heathrow and Network Rail have demonstrated their strong commitment to workplace training by joining The 5% Club, the employer-led movement which drives momentum behind the recruitment of apprentices and graduates into the workforce.

Founded in 2013, The 5% Club has well over two hundred members of all sizes, from every sector of the UK economy, who are determined to make a difference to the UK’s skills pool.

Signing The 5% Club’s charter means Heathrow and Network Rail will aspire to having 5% of their UK workforces on “earn and learn” roles such as apprenticeships and graduate training scheme schemes within five years.

Membership also requires companies to report on their progress in their annual report.

Lady Cobham, Director General of The 5% Club, said:

“An increasing number of businesses see The 5% Club as an opportunity to help inspire tomorrow’s talent. I’m pleased that Heathrow and Network Rail see membership as a means of signaling their commitment to training and development. I hope the diverse opportunities available at both companies will serve as inspiration for other employers.”

Paula Stannett, Chief People Officer at Heathrow, said:

“Apprentices have always been a critical part of our talent pipeline, bringing fresh ideas and innovative ways of working so the airport continues to run smoothly and our passengers receive great service. Since the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy opened in 2004, more than 1,600 candidates have achieved apprenticeships at the airport, and thousands more have taken on employment training to nurture their careers. But we have much further to go: with Heathrow’s expansion plans, we will be able to provide thousands of new job opportunities and double the number of apprenticeships across the airport to 10,000 by 2030. Heathrow is delighted to join the 5% Club and its goal to bring businesses together to assure a vibrant and thriving workforce in the UK.”

Guy Wilmshurst-Smith, Head of Professional Development and Training at Network Rail, said:

“Network Rail is committed to providing opportunities for our people to develop and progress into a rewarding career on the railway. Our apprentice and graduate schemes educate and train the next generation so that they can help us to deliver our Railway Upgrade Plan and transform our railway to carry the ever-increasing number of people who choose to travel by rail safely, efficiently and comfortably.

“Our people are an integral part of Network Rail’s plans to build a better railway for tomorrow; our pledge now is to increase the number of opportunities that we offer to both new and existing employees.”